Enjoy the Peace and Tranquillity of Phoenix – Phoenix Travel Guide

Phoenix can be said to be the largest metropolis covering around 2000 square-miles. This place in the United States observes more than 300 sunny days and gets quite hot in the summers. This is one of the most perfect destinations for you and for your family because there are many exciting and entertaining things to do here. There is a lot to explore in this place. Weather in Phoenix – The best time to visit The winters are mild and the summers are long. Although this place is not as cold as some of the northern states but it freezes up in the cold winter months. Hot temperatures of about 46 degrees can be experienced in the hot and dry summer season. The best time to visit this place is in between the months November and April. At this time, the person can experience blue skies and temperatures ranging between 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many excellent resorts and incredible deals here to be offered to the visitors. How to get here? The Sky Harbor International Airport is just 3 miles from downtown. This enormous city is car centred which means that if a person wishes to enjoy the amazements of the city, he or she needs a car. The Light Rail can be very handy in the Temple- Downtown region. Taxis and cabs can be found easily and there are many places where these stop. Tourist Places in Phoenix 1.Arizona Science Centre in the Washington Street – The Planetarium and the IMAZ theatre here offers many different entertaining events every now and down. It is a popular place for students from college to come for entertainment. 2.Desert Botanical Garden – This is in the N Gavin’s Parkway where the person can find out how the plants resist the climate in a desert. 3.Phoenix Art Museum – A person can find around 16000 artworks with American, Latin American, Asian, and modern and contemporary emphasis. Thousands of visitors come to this place because of the amazing art works. Things to do in Phoenix Nightlife – These two are the popular places to see and experience the best nightlife in the city – Axis/radius and Kazimierz. The former is a happy and shiny club where the person is bound to fall in love with the atmosphere there. The latter is a wine bar that offers more than 3000 wine bottles to choose from. There is something in the budget of everybody. Accommodation in Phoenix There is no shortage of options when it comes to accommodations here. The Clarendon Hotel is one of the most satisfying places. Also there are many popular resorts like Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort and Monte Lucia Resort & Spa. Desert Botanical Garden – This is in the N Gavin’s Parkway where the person can find out how the plants resist the climate in a desert. his place in the United States observes more than 300 sunny days and gets quite hot in the summers. This is one of the most perfect destinations for you and for your family because there are many exciting and entertaining things to do here. There is a lot to explore in this place.

Downtown Phoenix Motel- One of the Finest Hotels in Phoenix -Arizona

Best West Inn Downtown Phoenix welcomes you to take advantage of its state of art or modern amenities and real ancient ambiance. With a beautifully landscaped garden and gorgeous green surroundings you will be most keen to wind up the day’s work as well as adventure in Phoenix so that you may unwind and relax at this fine Downtown Phoenix Motel or enjoy a delicious meal near this beautiful accommodation in Phoenix. The large and airy rooms of Best West Inn Downtown Phoenix offer every comfort and ease that you desire for or look for. Each room of this Downtown Phoenix Hotel features a cable TV, both wired and wireless high-speed Internet connect or access, refrigerator, coffee and tea maker and spotlessly clean and fresh towels as well as linens. Convenient and accessible location Very conveniently located close to the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, this Downtown Phoenix Motel is also very close to Archaeological Park and Pueblo Grande Museum, Phoenix Municipal Stadium, Phoenix Zoo and the Phoenix Convention Center. Desert Botanical Garden is also very close to this hotel. The hotel’s convenient and accessible location makes it’s the most popular stay destination for all travelers in Phoenix. Experience – memorable As soon as you step into this modest Downtown Phoenix Hotel you experience the touch and feel of a rich historical past and the affluent cultural heritage of the Phoenix city in Arizona. Each of its rooms has been created and decorated alike and luxury lies before you at every step. This beautiful accommodation in Phoenix welcomes you to stay in it and feel the courtesies and hospitalities like never before. The team of workers at Best West Inn Downtown Phoenix delivers services worth treasuring. This Downtown Phoenix Motel provides unbeatable affordability right in the heart of the Phoenix city. They also have special custom made packages and deals to suit every pocket. Dining experience in Downtown Phoenix A paradise of food and entertainment waits for you in Downtown Phoenix and its neighboring areas where culinary delights and memorable dining experiences are in profusion. Whether you wish to eat an international delicacy, sophisticated classics such as seafood, typical and authentic Phoenix cuisine or a simple burger, you can enjoy the wide variety that is available near Best West Inn Downtown Phoenix. Special Features of this Phoenix Hotel There are no extra room charges for children below 17 years of age who share the room with parents or guardians. In accordance with national laws, air conditioning facility may not be available during certain times of the year. No pets are allowed at this Downtown Motel. In addition, photo identification and a credit card are required at the time of check-in for incidental charges.

The Effect of Fashion on Teenagers in School

There was a time when the concept of fashion was only in the occasions. Though, it would be pointless to compare the present generation with our generation. But I can see a vast difference between the present and the older generation. Fashion is the key word for today’s teenagers. In fact, fashion reflects even in the school students. The bags they carry, the watches they wear and the way they carry themselves involve so much of fashion. The teenagers seem to be more fashionable than the adults now. In fact they can be good trendsetters themselves. There are many teens that invent their own styles and aim at becoming an icon among their groups.

Earlier, fashion used to be found only among the affluent class of people. But now the times have changed. Now, class doesn’t matter in any way on the road to becoming fashionable. In fact, everybody is fashionable these days. We can hardly see anyone on the streets who isn’t fashion conscious. One of the many factors responsible for the spread and the craze of fashion among people so much is Television. Fashion or “style” in the colloquial language can be called contagious because people get influenced by one who already is fashion conscious. Being fashion conscious not only makes you popular among your folks but also upgrades your confidence level.

Teenagers of the present times have involved themselves so much with fashion that they don’t get sufficient time for other work. Instead of reading textbooks they prefer to read fashion magazines. They try hard to imitate the models or glam faces so as to resemblance them. The time they should spend in their studies, they spend in watching programmes on TV, reading fashion articles or finding the recent trendy clothes on the web. Unlike earlier, now the teenagers do not go out with their parents on weekends, rather they plan their outings with their friends. The prime zones for outings have now become malls for most of them because they can do a lot of shopping there apart from having fun.

Earlier children used to dream of becoming Scientists, Doctors or Engineers or even teachers, but the priority and taste of the children of these days have changed. Most of them desire to be into the glamour world. They find the fashion world better than any other job. In fact, one who is not fashion conscious these days doesn’t get much importance. One who looks trendy in the first appearance takes away all the limelight.

But it is the duty and responsibility of the parents to keep a watch over their children of whether they are using much of their time in grooming themselves or in their studies. Too much of information regarding recent trends and styles block the minds of the children and distract them from their studies. Schools also should make some strict rules to avoid using fashionable accessories within the school premises. It’s good to keep yourself updated with fashion but if interferes in your academic performance and your time, it should be avoided.

Easy Tips to Fetch Higher Prices for Used Rolex Watches

A few days back when I was flipping through the pages of newspaper, I read an article that talked about the celebrity who owns more than 200 pairs of footwear. I was amazed to the core and wondering how she manages to remember all of them. Another thought that flashed in my mind that very moment was – “Is there any person on Earth who loves to collect watches?” If you don’t know any such person then let me introduce myself as one of the craziest admirers of watches.

Silver, Gold, Leather, Round, Square – I own almost every kind of watch and keep updating my collection every now and then. But, there are situations when I suffer from financial crisis and then I have to sell off my old watches to buy new ones.

With my experience of selling used watches, I can say there are very few sources that educate people on how to fetch maximum prices for their used watches and jewelry. For your assistance, I have mentioned a few tips that would make the process of selling jewelry an easy victory.

Repair Minor Defects – When you sell Rolex watches, it is very much likely that it may have minute defects. Instead of presenting the watch in this condition, you should get it repaired from a nearby store. Spending 20$ at this stage may increase the sale value by hundred dollars.

Make it Look Attractive by Polishing – Once minor glitches are repaired, send your watch for polishing. By doing so, the watch would appear new and the buyer may agree to offer higher price for an old watch as well.

Search for Original Box & Papers – No matter how old is your watch, keeping your original papers safe is essential. With the original documents the buyer becomes sure about the authenticity of the deal and you don’t need to prove anything. Also, if you have the original box of the watch, don’t hesitate to flaunt it in front of the buyer.

Look Out for Buyers Online & Offline – Since the ultimate aim is to sell the watch at maximum prices, one should search for deals both online and offline. By doing so, you would get familiar with the current market prices, which eventually helps in taking the right decision.

Although I don’t sell my Rolex watches to any particular buyer but if you are searching for a genuine deal then get in touch with Phoenix jewelry buyers. I have dealt with them quite some time and always received higher values for my used watches.

Animal Symbolism and Feng Shui

When you read about feng shui principles and theories, you’ll often find references made to animals. Some of these animals are real, while others are simply mythological. Either way, you can use animal symbolism in your home to improve the level of chi energy as well as to provide protection.

The Turtle, Phoenix, Dragon and Tiger

You’ll frequently see references made to an “ideal home,” protected by a turtle, phoenix, dragon and tiger. These real and mythological animals are intended to be symbolic of natural structure and land formations. The turtle is depicted as being behind the house, symbolizing protection and support. The phoenix bird in front of the house is seen as providing protection through the attraction of good chi energy. The dragon and the tiger are depicted on either side of the house. These animals are seen as providing the house with protection from the elements, as would be the case if a house was close to a protective land mass or other building structure. Although these animals are generally referred to in a strictly symbolic fashion, some people do choose to use figurines of these animals in their home, placing them in the appropriate locations to provide protection and to encourage positive chi energy.

The Symbolism of Fish

Fish are often referred to in feng shui. They are considered to be a source of good luck, especially since they are seen as a symbol of a long life. Fish are often included in the home or the landscape surrounding a home as part of the addition of the water element. Although it’s usually the water as well as the placement of the water that is most significant in feng shui, there are also those who feel that the power of the water can be increased by the inclusion of the right number of correctly colored fish.

Powerful Cats

In Chinese culture, powerful cats such as tigers and lions are considered to be a source of independence, strength and power. You’ll sometimes see stone statues depicting these powerful wild cats guarding each side of the entryway to public buildings. However, the power of these cats is considered to be too overwhelming to be used for private homes. A small statue of a tiger or lion is sometimes used inside the home to depict power and independence.


Feng shui theories and practices often make references to birds. Many people who practice feng shui place pictures or small statues of lovebirds in the master bedroom, since they are thought to attract true love. Roosters are also commonly used in feng shui, sometimes to prevent adulterous affairs. Even a bird flying over a house or nesting near or under the eaves of a house can have significance.


Elephants have long been thought to attract wealth and good luck. In most cases, paintings, prints and statues of elephants are depicted with the elephant’s truck facing upwards, as this is considered to be the most advantageous position. Many people place images of elephants in their home as a way of attracting good fortune and wealth.

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Providing Negative Feedback

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Providing Negative Feedback
By David W. Earle, LPC
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In the fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes, a couple of con men convinced the king that they had magical cloth, which only the wise could see. The king hires these men to make him the most magnificent suit of clothes, declaring that anyone who cannot see this material was a fool. The king was insulated from negative feedback and played the ultimate price; complete and absolute public mortification.

As the fable goes, when the con men unveiled this magnificent suit made of this magical clothes no one wanted to admit all they could see was a half-naked king clad only in his boxer shorts, lest they be branded a fool. It took the honesty of a youth to exclaimed, “The king has no clothes!” before the rest of the kingdom was able to see the reality of the king’s shining nakedness.

Why was this noble taken in by these con men? Does this fable have meaning in today’s sophisticated business world? If so, then this question must be answered and the lessons learned. Fables survive throughout the ages because of the truth they tell. If the businessperson does not to learn this lesson, an embarrassing part of his anatomy, usually reserved for sitting upon will be exposed, metaphorically speaking.

In the parable, being discovered to be naked in public was embarrassing enough but when that small child brought down the veil of denial an even worse fate befell the king. Every one knew their leader was a fool! For now all the kings’ men, all the kings subjects, and even their horses knew their king was a dunce!

In retaliation for being made a fool, retribution must follow! For this public embarrassment of allowing their king to walk naked down Main Street, his trusted advisors would have their heads chopped off; for such is the life of a wise man.

Was the king correct in blaming his wise men, his trusted council for allowing this travesty to occur? After all he did hire them for their wisdom and they let him down. The question is how would the king have taken these advisors’ wisdom had they presented the naked truth to him? Did the king encourage the honest expression of diverse opinions other than his own? Not having the perspective of another point of view creates a very limiting and often disastrous perspective of reality. The attitude of integrity must be cultivated, for except with rare exceptions, this honesty is not freely given.

Feedback is a very powerful concept, which has been misunderstood and misused, but more often under-utilized. In order to see more of reality, everyone needs feedback from others and not just our own limited point of view. No where is the lack of honesty more apparent then in the workplace.

Much has been written about today’s management providing positive feedback to employees. Supervisors have been encouraged to validate and encourage their employee’s work performance, expounding in One-Minute-Management fashion; catching them “doing something right”. However one of the hardest things for many people to do is to provide honest negative feedback. Oh sure, bosses “chew out their employees” all the time and isn’t that feedback? It is true that being called on the carpet is a form of feedback but it is rather ineffective especially when considering today’s work force who seem to thrive when empowered and self-directed.

Today’s effective supervisor must be able to communicate negative feedback to their employees in a fashion, which is conducive to an even honest exchange of ideas, concepts, feelings, and thoughts. To be effective, this exchange has to be two-way and presented on a level playing field. The supervisor must want and create the atmosphere of encouraging what really needs to be understood.

On a basic instinctual level, the reason for this reluctance to provide honest feedback is fear. This fear is the dark cloud swirling around supervisors when confrontation concerning negative behavior is necessary. A performance appraisal is a typical example; ask a group of supervisors if they enjoy performance appraisals, most would respond with an emphatic “no”! Presenting honest response to anyone is usually not a pleasant chore and yet, how powerful it would be if both the employer and employee would provide honest feedback to each other in an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.

Most people have a desire to be liked, to be part of the in-crowd. Despite some employee’s opinion to the contrary, supervisors are people too. Most people were raised to “be nice” even at the risk of honesty. Most have never developed the ability to present negative feedback in any other terms then in an attack mode. When delivered negatively, this feedback has the subtly of a falling anvil, usually causing the message to be garbled by resentments and anger thus failing in it’s basic efforts to be informative. Compounding that lack of communication is the hole-in-the-gut feeling of annihilation.

The successful business leader needs to be able to give and most of all receive negative feedback. Successful companies will continue to develop this ability in their workforce. Unsuccessful companies without the golden truth obtained from honest feedback, will continue to parade down the street naked!

David W. Earle has over twenty-five years of executive management in the construction field. He now earns his living working as a business coach, by working with organizations and individuals to improve human relationship skills, communication abilities, and leadership principals. As a business coach, he assist his clients in making the changes they want to make in their businesses and in their personal lives.

David is also a civil mediator and arbitrator working as a Court-Annexed Mediator for the US Federal Court-Middle District. He is also a mediator and arbitrator for the Louisiana Rehabilitation Service, served as a mediator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), is on the panel of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), was formally on the panel of mediators of The Louisiana Supreme Court, and as an arbitrator for Louisiana State Bar Association.

David received a masters degree in counseling from Texas A&M and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with a small private family practice. He is on the faculty of the University of Phoenix.

David lives in Jefferson Terrace in Baton Rouge with his wife, Penny, and their cat, Hobbes.

ABC’s of Self-Realization: Necessary Nurturing

There is so much to be said when speaking of nurturing. So many women have been raised in stereotypical fashion to be nurturers of everyone else but themselves. The necessary nurturing spoken of here is to inform women (and even some men) that we have to learn to nurture and take care of ourselves in order to be truly beneficial for others.

Most women know that their role is to be comforting, giving, loving, accepting, and caring. That’s a given. What they have forgotten or not even realized is that they are just as valuable and important as everyone else they care for. They have as much right and innate worth to be nurtured and cared for as those they love.

For those people who are single parents, they have the right to take care of themselves by taking small amounts of alone time during the day. They can soak in a bubble bath after all the kids are asleep in bed. They can curl up on the couch or under soft, warm covers to read a book or listen to soothing music.

They can draw, paint, or write whatever flows from their heart and brings them some kind of release of tension or sense of peace. They can go for a walk, to reflect on nature and the beauty that surrounds them. Obviously, sometimes, they may need to get a sitter to take care of their children or elderly parents or disabled siblings or whomever it may be, in order to go out on their own for a little while, just to get a sense of independent freedom from the happenings of their everyday role.

Those who work and strive to bring help, strength, and comfort to others are some of the most unsung heroes in life. They are taken for granted, more often than not. They are not recognized for who they are or what they do. Yet, it is the honest truth that the most highly-deserving people are the ones who are the least nurtured.

Why is it that our society and the world, in general, honor people who play sports or sing songs or act in movies more highly than those who are the most giving, most caring, most unselfish people alive? There seems to be no justice in this picture, is there? What can be done to give recognition and gratitude to those who go so unnoticed? They are simple questions with simple answers. Each of us who love or know someone who is a nurturer just needs to make a more steady effort in giving that person acknowledgement. Each of us needs to continue to strive in a higher state of awareness to let these precious people know that they are never, ever taken for granted. Each of us needs to know that we ARE those precious people, that we ARE worthy of acknowledgement and our own sense of freedom.

Even if we can’t get that gratitude from others, we can surely show it to ourselves! We must truly believe in our innate goodness and value and worth.
Author’s Bio:

Lene’ has 30+ years of life experience in the Self-Realization field. From becoming a Peer Counselor as a High School Senior to staffing an experiential self-knowledge seminar in Phoenix, called Omega Vector. She has worked as a speaker/facilitator for support groups (Al-Anon, CoDa, Parents Anonymous and Women Who Love Too Much), sharing relationship techniques with others as well as helping them find ways to build higher self-esteem and empowerment.

Lene’ wrote a book in 2001, which is now self-published, called Reality in Disguise. It speaks of the strength of the human spirit and is based on her life. She just completed a second book and third book, which will be published soon online as an ebook. They are about the “rememberings”/awarenesses of who she truly is and the lessons she has learned through her journey in this life.

She is a freelance writer, motivational speaker, peer counselor and student of the higher consciousness movement. Her goal and desire here is to reach out and help or share with anyone that needs a listening ear or a bit of guidance. If the need is just for someone who can empathize and understand where they’re coming from, she can do that, too!

Thank you, bless you and may your deepest dreams and most positive goals manifest themselves in your life! You create your universe with your thoughts, so let the manifesting begin!